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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:18 pm    Post subject: SheZow Full Movie Kickass Torrent

SheZow Full Movie Kickass Torrent

When Guy Hamdon and his family inherit Aunt Agnes' home, he and his twin sister, Kelly, discover that she was the famed superheroine, SheZow. Doubting that, Guy puts on SheZow's ring as a lark, only to find to his shock that he is transformed into the superheroine himself. Now, Guy is forced to carry on his Aunt's legacy and fight the forces of evil in Megadale, using his newly acquired powers, gadgets, and a pink super suit. With Kelly and his best friend Maz's helping in this crusade, Guy discovers that his identity's feminine theme is a small price to pay for the excitement to come.
The adventures of a boy bonded to a magic ring that turns him into a female superhero.
I don't even. This show is so really bad it is somewhat good(entertaining); it's just what the heck. There are so many tasteless puns and so many lame jokes that it is "shelarious"-ugh(it's actually not funny at all). There are so words to describe how little effort is put into this show; the animation isn't great and the writing might to too lame for kids.

You Search SheZow in a search engine and out of 6 images 4 are inappropriate for its targeted age group. So you know what the internet thinks of it. You know what religious groups and right wing people will think of this show and their tears will taste glorious.

Bottom line- Kids will find it funny, perverts will masturbate to it and Conservative people will complain.

I am not interested in watching the show, but I will be aware of its existence- that is enough for it to have a 7/10.
Overall the quality of this animate show is decent, but nothing to write home about, although the over use of bad puns can definitely turn away many viewers. It's the controversial theme of a 12 year old boy wearing girl clothes that's most notable about this show, and as such is primarily the focus at many points in the show.

Since this show is aimed at children, who most likely wouldn't mind the excess of puns it succeeded in it's goal of being a decent kids show, but unlike other animated shows who can capture a child and adult audience, this will have a harder time capturing an audience of anyone other than 5-11 year old's.


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